Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

I have a confession. The post was started 12 days ago. The photos were all taken, and I've just been awful about sitting down at my computer to upload them and finish typing everything out! hehe Anyway, without further ado, I wanted to share my last two quilts from 2012.

The first was for my little brother. He's 24, turning 25, and he's a very hip/cool kid. So of course when I was brainstorming what I could do for him, I knew it would have to be something modern, and less traditional. He has a little disney Vinalmation character inspired by Piet Mondiran - so that was what I ran with.

I really like how this quilt turned out, even though I don't think I would do it again!

Looking back, if I could change something about this quilt, it would be using colored thread in my bobbins when I quilted the colored blocks on the front. It doesn't look terrible, but I really don't like it very much. I do enjoy that working on this quilt let me try a few different free-motion quilting techniques though!

The next quilt was for my sister. She's 19, and we have very different tastes in style and colors. I'm usually wearing just about every color possible, and she's generally in blacks, greys and blues. So, when I first saw the Tula Pink Nightshade collection, I knew I needed to get it for her. Once I had it though, I was totally stumped. The girl fabric (Coven) was my absolute favorite, but it was just so big, and I couldn't figure out what pattern to use. After a few months of thinking about it, I decided I was just going to improv piece it, and see where we ended up. Here is the finished product.

I decided to back it in grey Minky - mostly because I have a quilt with minky backing, and it's my favorite to snuggle under when it's chilly. For quilting, I tried my hand at a spider web.

I do like the look of the spider web quilting, but next time, I'm going to make a few focal points on the spider web instead of just one. 

For the quilt, I also decided to try my hand at making a label. It didn't turn out the best, but I'm posting it here so that down the road I can look back and see if my quilt labels have progressed at all. 

I wanted sister to be surprised by the quilt, so at our pre-christmas party, I gave her this pillow. They look really cute as a set on her bed together now.

Have a great weekend, and until next time, Happy Sewing!

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