Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Addition

Hello, Everyone.

My posts have been so delayed. I have a good reason this time. I've been getting used to a new addition. My boyfriend and I recently adopted a sweet old Cocker Spaniel named Wallace. He is 7 years old, he has lots of allergies, and has recently had a small surgery to remove a mass on his leg. He is my very first dog. I know it might seem silly to some of you long-time pet owners, but I feel like this is such an emotionally taxing time.

I've never understood people's attachments to their animals, and now it all makes sense. I've honestly lost a lot of sleep over the past week or so, because I've been worried about him. I wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning to check on him and make sure he's okay. When I can't see him, I look around all panicky to make sure he's safe. I even want to add jingle bells to his collar so I can have a sense for where he is in the apartment when my eyes are closed.

I know these are all concerns I don't need to have. He's an old dog, he just likes to sit, sleep and be pet. He came to us house-broken and with excellent manners. He does not bark, he does not jump, he doesn't climb on furniture, he doesn't chew things, he doesn't bark at other dogs.... He's such an outstanding addition to my life. Especially because I'm pretty jittery around dogs. I can't even imagine loving another animal. He's it, the perfect dog; and it breaks my heart knowing another family left him.

It's been an interesting transition, because as I mentioned, he had a small surgery, so there's been a lot going on in his life. We're trying to determine what he is allergic too, and trying to find a doggy food that he enjoys. We have to give him medicated baths twice a week for the next month or so, and so I got to experience bathing a dog (a very good dog, by the way, who doesn't move at all and lets us wash him quite contentedly). I can't be as selfish with my time either. After work, I have to come up, and I have to take him on a walk. This morning, I realized that part of the surgery area on his leg had re-opened after the doctor took his stitches out, so we took him back to the doctor, and they prescribed the cone of shame. So I'm getting to learn about how when dogs wear cones, they walk into doors, and walls and basically everything else. But he's such a great dog, he doesn't complain or try and get it off.

I think the best part about Wallace is just experiencing how much he loves. He's only been with us about a week, and already he's so happy when I come home. He wants to sit near me, and he wants me to pet him. When I'm in the craft room sewing, he comes in and lays down, because he wants to be near me.

I was so worried about brining him into the craft room, especially since I was sorting scraps, but I quickly discovered he totally loves fabric. He doesn't chew them or try and eat them, instead, he likes to bury his nose in them and use them as pillows.

So, everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Wallace.

You can find additional pictures of my doggy on my IG feed: elisabew

I'll be back to posting regularly again starting Monday.

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